New Day Nevada Releases Recommendations for Recovery Act Programs

New Day Nevada Releases Recommendations for Recovery Act Programs

New Day Nevada calls on State, County, and Local governments to support working families 

LAS VEGAS, NV–New Day Nevada (NDN) released the attached memo today, advocating for policies that will focus on working families’ priorities as we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The policies in the memo include specifics on the topics of Health Care, Economy and Workforce, and Cost of Living. NDN analyzed state and local listening sessions, talked to experts as well as everyday Nevadans through polling, and crafted specific policy and spending proposals tailored to meet the needs of Nevada’s diverse communities.

Statement from Riley Sutton, Executive Director of New Day Nevada, “From expanding access to healthcare and provider diversification to supporting and building up small businesses to creating a Nevada that is affordable for every working family, this memo outlines various ways that Nevada, from state government to counties to school districts, can make the most of this incredible federal investment to improve the amazing state we all call home.”

About New Day Nevada

New Day Nevada is dedicated to helping hardworking Nevadans who play by the rules, but who nonetheless can’t get ahead. From stagnating wages to growing medical and education costs, working families keep getting the raw end of the deal. New Day Nevada is here to stand up for the interests of working families and ensure their voice is heard by elected officials. For more information go to


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