New Day Nevada Releases 2021 Legislative Scorecard

Legislator Scorecard

New Day Nevada Releases 2021 Legislative Scorecard

Scorecard Outlines How Assembly and Senate members voted on issues important to working families

NEVADA – This morning, New Day Nevada released its 2021 Legislative Scorecard to inform Nevadans how their elected officials in Carson City acted on issues important to working families. New Day Nevada’s 2021 Legislative Scorecard listed lawmakers’ actions on 8 pieces of legislation that fell into 4 different categories: lowering medical costs, K-12 education funding, protecting Democracy, and higher wages. Additionally, the Assembly’s legislative scorecard informs voters about the Student Loan Bill of Rights that was voted on in the Assembly but did not make it over to the Senate for action. From lowering medical costs to increasing education funding, the Nevada Legislature delivered tremendous legislative victories to ensure Nevada is a fairer and more supportive state for working families.

“New Day Nevada is grateful to lawmakers who voted to prioritize improving the quality of life for Nevada families,” said Riley Sutton, Executive Director of New Day Nevada. “Seven of our bills made it to Governor Sisolak’s desk for signature and his enthusiastic support will continue to secure a brighter future for our state. We are particularly proud of the work of our partners and Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro to ensure the passage of the Nevada Public Option, putting Nevadans on the path to lowering health insurance costs by 15%. We will continue to push forward on the values and policies that will put working families first — from improving opportunities for better pay to providing quality education to ensuring Nevadans have affordable, quality healthcare.” 

The New Day Nevada 2021 Legislative Scorecard ranked 9 total pieces of legislation: 

  1. SB420, the Nevada Public Option, creates a more affordable, statewide healthcare plan. (Passed)
  2. SB380 helps combat prescription drug cost increases with expanded transparency measures. (Passed)
  3. SB396 gets a better deal on prescription drug prices for Nevadans by allowing group purchasing. (Passed)
  4. AB382 would have cracked down on predatory student loan practices with a Student Loan Bill of Rights (Fell short of 2/3rds needed in Assembly by one vote)
  5. AB321 made permanent mail-in voting an option for all Nevada voters. (Passed)
  6. AB432 modernizes the voter registration process and expands Automatic Voter Registration. (Passed)
  7. AB126 moves Nevada to a Primary Election (instead of a Caucus) for the presidential nomination process. (Passed)
  8. AB495 increases school funding by $150 million per year with a new, dedicated tax on mining. (Passed)
  9. AJR10 raises the state minimum wage to $12 per hour in 2024 and removes loopholes in the state constitution that allow businesses to underpay their employees. This becomes a 2022 ballot question for final approval of the change. (Passed) 

About New Day Nevada

New Day Nevada is dedicated to helping hardworking Nevadans who play by the rules, but who nonetheless can’t get ahead. From stagnating wages to growing medical and education costs, working families keep getting the raw end of the deal. New Day Nevada is here to stand up for the interests of working families and ensure their voice is heard by elected officials.


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