Nevada Community Leaders Declare Support for Leader Cannizzaro’s Nevada Public Health Insurance Option

Nevada Community Leaders Declare Support for Leader Cannizzaro’s Nevada Public Health Insurance Option

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Following Nevada Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro’s introduction of the Nevada Public Option, local groups across the Silver State announced their support for SB420, which would establish a public health insurance plan in the state and provide expanded access to affordable and quality healthcare for all Nevadans. Nevada organizations who support SB420 include faith leaders, progressive groups and medical professionals. 

“Nevadans deserve a public health insurance option that isn’t a financial burden on families or dependent on the ups and downs of employment or the economy,” said New Day Nevada Executive Director Martin Fitzgerald. “We applaud Sen. Cannizzaro for introducing the Nevada Option and crafting one of the most robust and comprehensive health insurance solutions in the country. The Nevada Option will drastically improve access to affordable care, while lowering healthcare costs for Nevada families and small businesses.”

“Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada is proud to support the Nevada Public Option bill,” said Lindsey Harmon, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada. “Nevada has one of the highest uninsured populations in the nation, and a Nevada public option will provide higher quality, lower cost care to people across the state, regardless of where they live. The public option will also help address the disparities people of color and low-income Nevadans face when trying to find quality, affordable care. Increasing overall access to health care as well as reproductive health care will make our state stronger and more equitable. Thank you Senator Cannizzaro for introducing this important bill.” 

“There is no better time than now to ensure that all Nevada families have access to quality healthcare,” PLAN Executive Director Laura Martin said. “SB420 is the first step toward driving down the high cost of insurance and addressing Nevada’s persistently high uninsured rate, particularly in Black, Brown, and Native communities across Nevada. All Nevada families deserve the dignity of healthcare.”

“Caring for your loved ones shouldn’t force families into financial ruin, but for too many families across the state, those are the stakes,” said Leo Murietta, Director of Make The Road Nevada. “Making access to affordable healthcare state policy will help uplift countless hardworking Nevadans and help our state build back stronger than ever before.”

“The Nevada Option proposal can’t come at a better time to help our Asian and Pacific Islander communities overcome the challenges and barriers when it comes to access to quality and affordable healthcare,” said Duy Nguyen, Executive Director of One APIA Nevada. “Census data shows that fewer Asian Americans are covered by employer-sponsored health insurance due to working in small businesses or multiple part-time jobs. Nevada Option is the right step for our communities and continue to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and equitable.”

“Nevadans deserve as many options as possible when it comes to having access to affordable health insurance,” Annette Magnus, Executive Director for Battle Born Progress said. “Now more than ever, people should be able to have healthcare coverage without having to worry about going into debt or being able to afford the care they need. During this pandemic we have seen a crisis grow as many lost their jobs and therefore lost their access to insurance coverage. The Nevada Option will bring access to our most vulnerable populations, allow small businesses to have additional options, and lower the costs for everyone by forcing insurance companies to compete for Nevadans’ business. This plan is another piece of the puzzle in solving the insurance and healthcare crisis that Battle Born Progress has been working on for years. We thank Senate Majority Leader Cannizzaro for her work on this critical legislation and we look forward to ensuring its passage.”

“As the pandemic brought our state’s economy to its knees it also spurred record unemployment that left the most vulnerable among us uninsured and unprotected — namely Black and Brown families, SB420 is an important safeguard that can protect the most marginalized Nevadans from the scourge of future global health pandemics,” Make It Work Nevada Executive Director Erika Washington said. “It can ensure that our community members have access to quality, affordable healthcare even if they lose their jobs. It will mean that our families won’t have to ignore chronic pains or illnesses for fear of bankruptcy. It will mean that our families will have a shot at living healthy, whole, full and thriving lives. We applaud the Majority Leader for bringing forward this legislation and look forward to getting it over the finish line for our families, friends, and neighbors.”

“Loving your neighbor and healing the sick are major priorities of the faith communities that make up Faith in Action Nevada,” said Benjamin Challinor, Faith in Action Nevada’s Policy Director. “It is our moral obligation to be able to provide affordable and accessible health care to all. By providing a public option that all Nevadans can buy into, we are ensuring that they get the health coverage that they need.”


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