Our Mission

New Day Nevada is dedicated to helping hard working Nevadans who play by the rules, but who nonetheless can’t get ahead. From stagnating wages to growing medical and education costs, working families keep getting the raw end of the deal. While corporations may have lobbyists to serve their interests, New Day Nevada is here to stand up for the interest of working families and ensure their voice is heard by elected officials too.

Paid Sick Leave

Working people should be able to take care of themselves and their families when they get sick and not risk taking a cut in their pay or losing their jobs.
In 2019, grassroots coalitions across the state won the first paid time off law in Nevada history. Now, hard working families at large corporations have guaranteed access to earning paid time off. But there is so much more that needs to be done.
New Day Nevada will continue to work to expand paid time off to more Nevadans and enact workplace and worker protections to ensure that hard working Nevadans can use the benefits they’ve earned.

Better Wages

The cost of groceries, housing, and even prescriptions keeps going up-so should your wages!
During the 2019 Legislative Session, grassroots coalitions made progress in ensuring that hard working Nevadans got the pay they earned. From protecting Nevadans from bill collectors during a government shutdown to restoring prevailing wages and PLA’s, they won policies to ensure Nevadans are paid for a hard days work! But the job isn’t finished yet.
New Day Nevada was founded to continue the pursuit of policies that help families earn more and open the door to a higher quality of life.

Affordable College

When one of the keys to prosperity is higher or technical education, providing hard working Nevadans an affordable path to achieve their educational dreams just makes sense. 
In 2019, advocates from across Nevada pushed for policies to open pathways to higher education for more hard working families. From enacting a Student Loan Bill of Rights to expanding the Nevada Promise program and the Silver State Opportunity Grant, they worked hard to ensure it was easier for families to afford higher education and for students to afford to stay in school.
However, there is still so much work that needs to be done-and that’s where New Day Nevada will take the lead. From pushing for childcare programs across Nevada’s higher education campuses to creating more robust transportation networks so students can get to classes on time, New Day Nevada will work to break down barriers so that Nevadans that want a higher education can achieve that dream.

Lower Medical Costs

If medical costs keep soaring, it won’t matter how hard Nevadans work… they still may lose it all. Working families deserve health security.
In 2019, Nevada leaders came together to support policies that protected Nevadans with pre-existing conditions, ended surprise billing that left patients with thousands in unexpected medical costs, and instituted the asthma medication transparency act to ensure Big Pharma doesn’t prey on Nevada families in order to beef up their profits.
Now, with the founding of New Day Nevada, Nevadans will continue to have a voice advocating for policies that provide health security: cracking down on Big Pharma’s profit schemes; enacting a statewide health insurance program that provides quality, affordable and stable access to medical care; and, passing policies that bring down the costs of healthcare.

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