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We stand up for hardworking Nevadans who play by the rules, but who nevertheless can't get ahead. And we do that by fighting for policy solutions such as...

Accessible, Affordable Health Care

In 2019, our leaders protected Nevadans with pre-existing conditions, ended surprise billing that left patients with thousands in unexpected medical costs, and instituted the asthma medication transparency act to ensure Big Pharma doesn’t prey on Nevada families in order to beef up their profits. In 2021, Nevada leaders passed a second-in-the-nation public option, to ensure all Nevadans have access to a more affordable, high-quality healthcare plan.

Workers' Rights & Fair Wages

The cost of groceries, housing, and even prescriptions keeps going should your wages! At New Day Nevada, we advocate for solutions that help families earn more and open the door to a higher quality of life.


A Vibrant Democracy

There are many components to a vibrant democracy, but none more important than the ability to vote. At New Day Nevada, we fight to make sure that voting is safe, secure and accessible for all Nevadans.

Affordable College

Higher education -- be it through a university or a technical school -- opens doors for our children to live better lives. At New Day Nevada, we fight to make education more accessible to more Nevadans and to hold student loan companies accountable for treating borrowers fairly and with dignity.

Affordable Medicine

Nevadans, like all Americans, pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world, which makes U.S. health spending less efficient and hurts patients’ health. At New Day Nevada, we continue to fight for measures that result in greater industry transparency and lower prescription medicine costs.

Paid Family Leave

At New Day Nevada, we believe that no Nevada family should have to choose between taking care of their newborn or an elderly parent and putting food on the table. Paid Family Leave contributes to the healthy development of children, improves maternal health, and enhances families’ economic security. It's also good for business as it improves morale, retention, and the productivity of workers.

How are Nevada legislators doing?

2021 Legislative Scorecard

A legislative session full of major policy wins for working families, including the healthcare public option, a path to affordable medicine, and a deal that secured $150M a year for K-12 education. 

2019 Legislative Scorecard

A game-changing session where working Nevadans won big with the elimination of surprise hospital billing, protection for Nevadans with pre-existing conditions, an increase in the minimum wage, and automatic voter registration. 

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