At New Day Nevada,we focus on solutions that level the playing field for hard-working Nevadans.

Brittany and Family

Hi. I am Brittany Jacobs.

I am a wife. A mother of 3. And I work full time in Las Vegas. My husband and I put in the effort. Both at our jobs and with our family. But hard work doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. It feels like the cards are stacked against us.

I stand with New Day Nevada because they get the job done for working families like mine.

What We Fight For...

Affordable Health Care
Corporate Accountability
Student Borrower Protections
Worker Rights
Access to Democracy
Affordable Medicine

And what we have helped deliver...

Nevada Public Option

Affordable Health Care

Reducing the cost of health care by 15% by 2030.
Gov Sisolak signs AB485

Corporate Accountability

Resulting in at least $150M in new funding for K-12 education each year.

A Stronger Democracy

Easing the process for all Nevadans to select their elected officials.

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